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Sythwood Children’s Centre

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High praise as Council confirms Healthy Children’s Centre Award

Sythwood Children’s Centre has been given The Healthy Children’s Centre award after a successful inspection where staff presented to a verification panel of senior health professionals and representatives from Surrey County Council.

The programme which is designed to improve health outcomes of children and their parents, from pregnancy through the first five years is audited by a set of standards which reflect the key health priorities for children in areas including healthy weight, healthy lives, oral health, emotional health and wellbeing, reducing alcohol and substance misuse and increasing coverage rate of childhood immunisations.

In order to achieve the Healthy Children’s Centre Award, Sythwood Children’s Centre had to adhere to and be able to demonstrate that they meet a comprehensive set of criteria which was achieved through presentations from members of staff and parents/carers coming in to speak about their experiences with the children’s centre.

Presenting the award to children’s centre staff, Kate Crockett, Public Health Development Worker at Surrey County Council said “Sythwood did an incredible job of working through and completing the Healthy Children’s Centre Programme. Every step of the way Nicola and the team were amazingly well organised and thorough in all the evidence they collected and the way it was presented. I was so impressed with their presentation of their evidence that I have asked Nicola if I can use their work as an example of good practice for other centres to use. Well done everyone. What an incredible centre Sythwood is and what a life line it is for the families who use it!”

Nicola Norman, Children’s Centre Manager said “It was a real team effort. Every member of the Children’s Centre team contributed to the process and the many parents that gave their time to talk to the panel were amazing. We can’t thank them enough. It isn’t often that the team have the opportunity to reflect on the impact of support provided through our many services and one to one work with families. It was particularly rewarding to hear such positive feedback from the panel and to become one of Surrey’s first Children’s Centres to gain the Healthy Children’s Centre Award.”